miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

My Robot HAN-Bot

It has been a long time since I write a new post. But today I want to talk you about a personal project related with robotics and computer system... That project its named HAN-Bot.

Why HAN-Bot? the name HAN, represents the initials of the names Horus, and ANgela. The first name corresponds to an Egyptian symbol, the "Eye of Horus " that represents the posibilities of my robot to see the real word with the help of a web-cam. And the second name, ANgela, it's a personal reason for dedicate to an important women in my life... and Well "Bot" indicates that its is a robot.

I show you a picture of the robot below:

It is a like, rover robot that integrates an important component: an important embedded Linux system, the BeagleBone black.

The embedded system, is like a computer that works lightly in machines that no require high performance like a laptop or pc, and save space and money for build any hardware application. If you want to implement a mini computer for controlling anything, its very helpful to understand how works it.

Inside the BeagleBone, runs an operating system like a computer desktop or you smarthphone (android is an operating system), and its Debian. In this operating system, you can use many tools like on computer, you can compile, run programs, connect to internet, and connect to a camera and realize computer vision. I want to share with you content about my robot on this blog, and for this reason I hope your +1 on each post.

HAN-Bot implements two important openSource technologies: NodeJS (for manipuate the motors), OpenCV(processing video and realize computer vision). HAN-Bot illustrate the ease with which we can build robots from these free technologies.

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