viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

First Project with OpenCV: Objetives.

Well, let's start with my project with openCV. The idea is to recognize differents robots with the help of a webcam. Suppose that we have differents robots, in a place. The objective is to get the position of the robot in pixels, and create a system that let us to locate the robot. For that, we use openCV library with Java language. For this project, is required the followings items:

- A computer, that run the program with OpenCV.
- A webcam (for the moment, any camera is useful)
- Differents sheets.

The idea with the sheets, is to create a pattern that identifies the robot, and have a specific characteristic, easy to identify for the program through the program with OpenCV. For this first project, is necessary only calculate the X and Y position. No is necessary consider, initially, the rotation of the robots (this is very useful, but the idea is to realize a simple Artificial Vision Algorithm).

If you have any suggestion, or you iddentify an error in my write, I hope your comments.

martes, 13 de mayo de 2014

Content on English for integrate users of other countries.

Well, for a short time, I publish my writes on this space on English because, I want to share a project with people from other countries, and to stimulate the English on many peoples... I thank your understanding.... And I hope your comments, a plus or like...